Kyori: Innervisions

The resonant solitary voice of the shakuhachi (Japanese bamboo flute) interweaves gracefully with the koto, biwa, guitar, and percussion in Kyori: Innervisions, the American recording debut of the visionary young Japanese composer/musician Masakazu Yoshizawa.

In Kyori,Yoshizawa returns to his cultural roots using traditional Japanese instruments in fresh and innovative ways. Two original pieces for solo shakuhachi are balanced by two ensemble pieces featuring Osamu Kitajima and Geoffrey Hales in a blend of Japanese sensibility and Western idioms, creating a dramatic atmosphere of movement and mystery, shadow and light.

Jo/To begin
Ha/To destroy
Kyu/To hurry
Contents Continued:

Immortality (Fuma)

Mainstreams to Oneness (Kawai)
Divine Silhouettes (Yogo)

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