Zen Garden

"Tucked into the sheltered of a quiet courtyard lies a small rectangular plot of carefully raked white gravel..."

So begins the introduction to this CD of meditative music written entirely by Masa Yoshizawa for Kokin-Gumi, whose traditional Japanese instruments and artistry creates a seamless blend of old and new, east and west.

The pieces on the CD take one through a day, from dawn to dusk...

  1. Dawn
  2. Flower
  3. Moon
  4. Feng Shui
  5. Daylight
  6. Stone Garden

7. Snow
8. Twilight
9. Birds
10. Wind
11. The Milky Way
12. Dusk

Performed by Kokin Gumi
Masakazu Yoshizawa, Shakuhachi, Shinobue, Hichiriki, Kotsuzumi, Bamboo flutes.
Hiromi Hashibe, Koto, Bass Koto
Tateo Takahashi, Shamisen
Daniel May, Piano
Percussion performed by:
Masakazu Yoshizawa
Daniel May
Jimmy Brandmier
Keyboard Programming by Daniel May
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Copyright © 2002 Masakazu Yoshizawa